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Me And My Injector-Pen
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The North Wind copy
Joshua Mitchell-Taylor
Russell Scott
Sanghamitra Dasgupta
TheRailwayChildren JS
Daniela Frongia
Where All Dreams Go
Mel Ford
Ben Nicholls
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500 Trees

100 Trees

1000 Trees

The Woodland Trust has created thousands of hectares of New Woodland across the UK and continue to work with others to help create new woods and enrich local landscapes with trees.

They work to protect our Ancient Woods that have been around for many centuries. Some of this woodland has existed in the UK for almost 10,000 years. The Trust is working to restore what is left of our ancient woodland, encouraging native species to thrive again and reversing years of damage. 

10 Trees

Help Us Bring Our Tree To Life By Donating 1000 New Trees 



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