Lainey Dee

Children's Author 

Charlotte's Snowman

Age Range: 4-6-years


Category: Picture Story Book 

Series Number: 1

Price: £9.99

Postage: £2.05 UK

About The Book: 

Children love building snowmen. When they add a nose, eyes, and mouth to their snowman, they get a magical feeling that their snowman has his own personality.


And… sometimes snowmen do come alive!


Charlotte wakes up and sees that it’s snowing… it’s snowing and it’s snowing. She runs outside to build a snowman. She fixes a carrot for the snowman’s nose, a stick for his mouth, and two stones for his eyes.


But the snowman has many demands, so Charlotte has to part with her gloves, scarf and hat; so her snowman wouldn’t feel cold. But the sun comes up all of a sudden, and Charlotte cannot find her snowman anymore. She is sad. Then, she learns that her snowman hasn’t disappeared completely, but is hiding in the ground, waiting to emerge next winter.


A great book for those children who miss their much loved snowman when winter is over. 

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Charlotte's Snowman
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