Kids Active Media (KAM) ~ Is a platform for children's entertainment and all it's wonder sits under one umbrella. 

With a collective 25-years of experience as Publishers, Producers of Theatre, Film & Music, Creators & Makers, we still continue to grow. 


Like all traditional publishing houses we contract authors plus produce our own material. 

We have many publications assigned to us, including some authors that have come to us with self-published material. 

As publishers we find the distribution and selling just as hard as others, as it's not all about a 'name' although that does help! It's about the titles and the traction that comes with the Author. 

Making it happen:

We are constantly building bridges with the professionals that matter. Our authors and publications are always moving forward with the different industry platforms. 

It doesn't matter who you are, company or individual, in this industry we are all risk takers - yes we offer a self-publishing service, but to become a self-publisher you'll enter the world of risk taking. Hence, you become the publisher  - you become a published author.

Let's define 'Vanity Publishing' I personally hate that phrase! Yet, it's still used and authors that self-publish are still filtered under that umbrella. So, let's define the single word 'Vanity' we are all subject to this everyday - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc... We go to the hairdressers, nail-bars, buy clothes with fashion labels, take pictures and post them - isn't that just the same as so called 'Vanity Publishing? But do other scrutinise and judge, or do they simply click 'like'. 

At the end of the day, a photo is just 'the cover' and the majority of lookers don't know what's behind it - just like a book.

But, if you are to take the risk, do it properly - it may just be worth it!


In 2019 we launched our Theatre Company Kids Active Theatre, where we proudly bring literature to life. And you'll be pleased to know that this began with a 'Self-Published Author' - we now use this platform to promote our authors on their journeys to becoming a success.  

We are always on the look out for a stage production, so if you have a story

that you think will convert to stage email let us know:

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Launched back in 2015 Kids Active Media , started producing gaming apps and animation productions...from books! And, we have successfully built up a profile of great productions ready for 2020 - five years in the making and the future is looking bright! 

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