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Kerry's Busy Saturday 

Age Range: YFB 7-10-years 


Category: Adventure, Friendship Novel 

Series Number: 1

Pages: 144

Price: £6.99

Postage: Free to the UK

About The Book: 

Saturday couldn’t have come sooner for Kerry, as today was the start of a new grown up venture. At the grand age of 8-years old, she was off on a shopping trip with her big sister. They’d mapped out their day, this shop that shop, both knew exactly what they wanted, and where they wanted to go.


Kerry had promised mum that she’d be good for her sister, and what could possibly go wrong? They were independent girls, shopaholics on the loose. Yet when a runaway poodle and horrid boy from school starts to stir up trouble, the sisters have to think on their feet. New dresses, bracelets and books are all but forgotten after the girls discover a secret that will forever change the life of someone they love.

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