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Name: Robert Peacock

Location: Ireland 


Author Of: Early Readers, Chapter Books 6-7years & Animals

Category: Adventure 

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Welcome to my author/illustrator page. Sláinte!

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Cara and the Cauldron of the Round H

Cara and the Cauldron of the Round Hill

Cara and the Mystery of the Missing

Cara and the Mystery of the Missing Ball

About My Books:  

Cara and the Cauldron of the Round Hill

Join Cara the Dog on her quest to find the mythical Cauldron of the Round Hill. Follow her as she explores the Irish countryside, finding clues, and meeting mystical creatures along the way! Will she find the cauldron? And what secrets will it contain? Find out, in Cara's second adventure, 'Cara and the Cauldron of the Round Hill.'

Cara and the Mystery of the Missing Ball

Follow Cara the dog, as she goes on an adventure to find her missing ball, with the help of new friends she meets along the way. Join her on her journey through forty beautiful illustrations, depicting the Irish countryside.


About Me: 

Rob Peacock lives in the heart of rural Ireland, on the peat-bogs between Cill na Si (Church of the Fairies) and Cor na Dabhcha (Round Hill of the Cauldron), with his beloved dog Cara, who is the co-dreamer of their stories and editor-in-chief!
Rob and Cara compose poetry, and write and illustrate books for children. They draw their  inspiration from their own adventures, and their natural surroundings of misty hills and lay boreens and woodland groves. 
Rob specialises in photo-illustration, and much of his  work and stories are inspired by the scenes he captures, photographed in a locality immersed in an ancient history of bog-oak roads, and cattle-ways, and the deep dark depths of the River Shannon and Lough Ree. 
Drawing on the folklore of the hawthorn, hedgerow, and fairy-forts around, and with a background in Special Needs Education, Rob provides the simplicity of the story, accompanied by full-colour illustrations presented in a complimentary story-board format, facilitating understanding and enjoyment of the text for children of all ages and abilities.
Rob and Cara were featured during the Summer Stars Reading Initiative and Ireland's Children's Book Month during the autumn of 2017. They will be doing the same again in the autumn of 2018!