The Tale of Rusty the Squirrel

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The Tale of Rusty The Squirrel 

Age Range: 4-6-years Early Readers 


Category: Adventure, Friendship 

Series Number: 1

Pages:  40 

Price: £6.99


About The Book: 

Rusty is lost – Rusty is sad. How did Rusty the Squirrel get lost and what happened to him? 

Read about how we can make new friends and who we can make them with. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 reviews

Paul Patrick Ogarra

4.0 out of 5 starsI hope Rusty will have more books written about him, like this one.

31 January 2019 - Published on

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I liked the simplicity and kindliness of the way in which the story is told. The little girl I got it for who is just learning english has taken to Rusty at once, he does look nice. I also note that there is a lesson in it about tolerance and kindliness with our neighbour, regardless of condition. What I did not like is the soft cover, It should be a hard cover as children develop an attachment to their books and often like to carry them around.
All in all very very good, I will look out for the next Rusty book, and a hard cover, never mind if its a little dearer.

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